A dream of their own

Don and Cathy moved to this property in 1994 with a dream-- to create something unique and sustainable using local resources. With the help of friends and family, they hand-built a straw bale home from local and recycled materials. Don's studies of art and architecture in Tuscany, Italy, greatly inspired his worldview. They wanted to create a place with the same magical ambiance to raise their two children. So they not only modeled their home in a Tuscan style, but by 2001 had planted their first grape vines in hopes of reflecting the beauty, vitality, and zest for life of that region. 

Through love and hard work, the vineyard has grown to over 3600 on-site plantings. Don works the vineyard and Catherine is the artisan winemaker, creating unique wine blends from grapes grown here and on other small area vineyards. From Beaujolais-style young blushes to red wines aged in French and American oak, NightHawk winery is not just committed to producing the best in Kansas wine - they are committed to producing moments to savor.

Friends, family, and guests who share the spirit of the winery are called "NightHawkers." (You may just become one-- ask how!) They create a unique environment where like-minded people unwind and enjoy the bounty of the vineyard and of life itself.

Come sit in the century-old walnut grove, listen to original music played by talented musicians, and enjoy the bounty of the harvested farm-to-table food. NightHawkers make the most of every moment. Check the calendar for events, times, and offerings and enjoy every glass!

Salute and Bon Appetit!

Don and Catherine Warring

Don & Cathy Warring

Don & Cathy Warring