A Dream of their own

We moved to this property in 1994 when we hand built our own sustainable home from local sources with the help of friends and family. We  planted our first vines in 2001 as Don's time in Tuscany  Italy studying architecture and the arts caused us to want to create that same ambiance here where we had grown up and raised our two children! 

The vineyard has grown to 3600 plantings on site. We also work closely with small vineyards in the area to produce unique local artisan inspired wines.  Don works the vineyard and Catherine is our wine maker.   We use locally produced grapes to create unique wine blends from boujelais style young blushes to red wines aged with French and American oak.

Our Nighthawk Family of friends, aquaintances, and "Nighthawkers" (be careful you may become one, ask us!) create a unique environment where like minded people unwind and enjoy the bounty of our vineyard.  Come sit in the grove, a 100 year old wooded area, listen to some original music played by talented musicians and enjoy some farm to table food provided by Chef Josh. Check the calendar for events, times, and offerings! 

Salute and Bon Appetite!

Don and Catherine

Don & Cathy Warring

Don & Cathy Warring