Food- Farm Fusion Chef Josh

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We are proud to present:

Josh Hursey is a local sustainable farmer from Osawatomie, Kansas, that enjoys experimenting in many culinary adventures. His ranch where you can find chickens, pigs, and goats is just the tip of his passionate farming background that started in 2014. Often to be heard saying, “you can find me in the back pasture”, explains one of the many practices Josh uses to be wholesome, sustainable, and as organic as he can.

With a degree in Culinary Arts, he started his calling for cuisine and his professional career in 2011. Needless to say Josh has many years of experience and knowledge under his chef’s coat. From owning and operating LUM Farms nestled just outside Osawatomie, KS to working in commercial kitchens, Josh has mastered a way of preparing delectable dishes, and plating to please.

Recently Chef Hursey has been cooking at the Paola Farmer's Market during the summer and now will be cooking at Nighthawk Winery.  Farm Fusion is the name of Josh’s catering he will be providing at the winery every Saturday throughout the summer.  It encompasses everything he incorporates off his own farm and foodie experience. Fried ravioli the size of you palm stuffed with sweet potato and goat cheese, or a curry chicken sandwich worth waiting in a line a mile long for are a few menu items to pick from. Whatever you do, you don’t want to miss out on the excitement, personality and FOOD that is Farm Fusion. 


Bon Apetite!


Don and Catherine Warring and the Nighthawkers