Food- Farm Fusion Chef Josh

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We are proud to present:

Josh Hursey is a local, sustainable farmer from Osawatomie, Kansas. His food is a culinary adventure that embraces and enhances the enjoyment of our fine NightHawk wines. He isn't just a cook-- if you visited his ranch you might find a note saying, "I'm in the back pasture," and there you'd see him caring for chickens, pigs, and goats that are raised as responsibly, sustainably, and organically as possible. 

With a degree in Culinary Arts, Josh's talent for flavor combinations and techniques began professionally in 2011. He owns and operates LUM Farms nestled just outside Osawatomie, KS and has worked in a variety of kitchens, mastering ways of preparing delectable dishes, innovating whenever possible, and plating to please.

Farm Fusion is the name of Josh’s catering business. He will serve memories-on-a-plate Saturdays throughout the summer and fall with special event times posted. Whenever pairing foods with wines, local is always best. Chef Josh's skills bring the flavors of Kansas cooking to our palette of Kansas wines. We encourage you to join all the NightHawkers who've experienced his gourmet creations with a glass of our vino. You'll be back for more!

Bon Appetit!