You + Wine = Perfect Pairing

Besides everything, what goes good with wine? The answer – everything.

Our guests often ask which foods pair well with our wines because they’re scared of making a mistake or “doing it wrong” when it comes to entertaining. In a future blog post, we’ll talk about more tips for specific food pairings, but the actual truth of the matter is that in America most of us are eating one (or more!) main dishes with at least 3 or more sides… all on one plate!

There’s really no way to thoughtfully pair just one wine with all the things we eat at the holidays: Can you imagine one perfect wine to go with cheese and crackers, veggies and ranch, roast beef, turkey, ham, green beans, latkes, cranberry sauce, cookies and pies and whatever else your own traditions bring to the table? 

Now, if you wanted to have an adventure in dining, you could thoughtfully separate the courses and enjoy each with a different wine offering, taking your time as you move through the menu. Think of all the fun you could have choosing wines that either complement or contrast with the food’s flavors. We could pair a creamy, savory green bean casserole with a bright citrusy white (like our Vignoles) to add balance. You might proudly serve our Reserve Red to bring out the flavor in your roast, or you could top off your guest's glasses with a sweet Moon Dance to complement your even sweeter dessert. Can you imagine the fun and the conversations you’d have over a 3-hour meal full of wine and food? You’d probably do a lot less cooking, too.

But alas-- since most gatherings today move at a quicker pace, your best bet is to simply buy a bunch of different wines** and let everyone taste a few to see which they prefer. There’s not going to be a perfect pairing with so many flavors at once, so you can really just let yourself off the hook. (Score one for the host- Yeah!) 

If you never remember anything else about wine, just know that good friends make the best pairing - everything tastes better when you're sharing it with the ones you love. 

Buy a case, open some bottles, make sure there are plenty of available glasses and let your guests have fun exploring some local wine. Our extended Saturday hours in December are from 11 am - 10 pm so that you can make a special evening out of shopping and tasting. Enjoy!

NightHawk is cozy in December and open until 10 PM on Saturdays

NightHawk is cozy in December and open until 10 PM on Saturdays

**Because you are taking time to read this and learn more about NightHawk Winery, now through December 2017 we are offering a first-time-ever, secret, special discount of 20% off a case when you mention BLOG20. Thank you for caring about local agriculture and small business!