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Warming hands, hearts, glasses

NightHawk fans, you did it! WOW! We were blown away by the huge success of the inaugural Tuscan Pig Roast last weekend! To all of you who came out to laugh, drink, and feast in the cold rain – THANK YOU! Wasn’t that incredible? We couldn’t believe how much fun it was to get together in the worst weather of the month. 

Chef Josh 

The parking lot was full, bellies were satisfied, and the wine was flowing, making good times and treasured memories for all the hearty wine-lovers who attended. It’s hard to imagine a better day at the winery. Chef Josh’s creations were more than something special… they warmed our hearts. 

Cozy up in our transformed sun porch

Cozy up in our transformed sun porch

Speaking of warming, now is the perfect season to cozy up with a glass of wine in two areas of our property that transform into something magical this time of year. We open our fireplace room to guests so that people can enjoy a bottle together in a comfy space with a rustic feel. We also wrap our sun porch in protective sheeting and bring out the warmers so that you don’t have to sit by the fire pit outside (even though that’s really great too!) 

It's warm inside our fireplace room

It's warm inside our fireplace room

Thanks to your turnout, Chef Josh will be making an encore appearance this weekend, Saturday November 18. Mark your calendars and come out for his inspired farm-to-fork food! 

This is also the last weekend of the season for live music. Laura Lisbeth plays original, heartfelt folk-pop at 2 pm. There should be a lot of her fans out in attendance. It's going to be a great weekend in the country-- music, food, friends and wine! 

Guests love NightHawk in every season

Guests love NightHawk in every season

We warm you inside and out with a special treat -- our seasonal offering of German Glö-wine in the tasting room. Buy a glass from us, (love it!) and then take home a bottle of our wine to create your own batch for friends and family! This drink makes the season great and it’s also a great excuse to use an umlaut (those little dots over the ‘o’.)

Enjoy the recipe, and don’t forget that wine is always cheaper by the case. Prosit!  

NightHawk Glö-wine (German Glühwein)

4 cups apple cider
1 bottle red or white wine
1/4 cup honey
2 cinnamon sticks
1 orange, zested and juiced
4 whole cloves
3 whole star anise
4 oranges, peeled (optional garnish)

In a large saucepan, combine all ingredients except garnish. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Pour into mugs, add orange peel to each (optional) and serve.

Fundraiser for Betsy

Betsy Hasselquist has been a longtime friend of NightHawk-- you could even say she’s been a friend of the winery since before there was a winery. In 1992 she and her husband, Peter, met Don and Cathy and took pity on the crazy dreamers who were building a straw bale house by hand. They helped with numerous tasks related to construction and in 1994, when the home was finally finished, Peter’s band - the Blue Moon All-Stars - rocked out at the house-raising party. Sadly, Peter passed away in 2000. And even though the band members have all gone on to other projects, they reunite to honor him (usually just once a year) at the Paola Roots Festival.

So, although it was a hot summer Sunday on August 20, 2017, Betsy could think of no better place to celebrate her Aunt’s birthday than NightHawk Winery. They enjoyed our handmade wines, the shade of our walnut trees, the fluttering butterflies in the garden, and raised their glasses to another year well-lived.  

Unfortunately, August 21-22 was not as relaxing. Flash floods in Miami County dumped about 10 inches of water in a very short time, creating a disastrous and significant weather event that took everyone by surprise. The creek rose rapidly and in a matter of moments, Betsy's life changed. She was rescued via boat from her rooftop with only her dog, Digger, in her arms. When she was able to return to the house, it was ruined and so were most of her possessions. The only thing the flood didn’t destroy was her unstoppable spirit. 

So when Susan, Betsy’s sister, asked for our help with a fundraiser we didn’t hesitate. We gathered on October 1 under a brilliant sky to support our friend and have some fun along the way. Friends, neighbors, (and even winery visitors who just wanted to know what the heck was going on) gave money, drank delicious wine, had some tasty food and enjoyed the music.

Peter’s band reunited just for the occasion and it was magical to find everyone dancing on the patio, surrounding Betsy with love, support, and some really great blues! Our day of honoring Betsy bumped the amount raised for her home repair fund to over $27,750. Isn’t it amazing what people can do when they work together? And, if you want to donate there’s still time, even if you weren’t able to come celebrate with us. 

Last Saturday’s event reinforced our belief in the healing powers of great wine, live music, real food, and good people. Life can change in just one day, so take time to savor every moment.